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Xingwang Cutting Tools

With an experience of more than 25 years in the manufacturing and production of HSS cutting tools, Ms Rose Zhou (General Manager), took a step further to create Gear Cutting Tools, to cater to ever growing demand for the cutting tools in the domestic and international market.

With an efficient and highly technically skilled team,we manufacture and export High Quality High speed steels tools like Gear Hobs,Spline Hobs,Sprocket Hobs,Gear Shaving Cutters,Gear Shaper Cutters and various special profile cutters and toolings.

We use high quality imported steel grades like HSS M2, M35, M42, T42, Powdered steels Like ASP 2030, 2052, and various other special steels for crafting the finest quality tools.

We have all the latest machineries, testing equipments and labs etc. to check and certify our products so our customers receive a 'Zero defect' cutting tool.

Due to our hardwork and extra emphasis on Quality, we have been able to associate with our top line customers be it OEMs, Govt undertakings, PSUs, Ordnance factories, Industrial units and Vehicle and auto components manufacturers.

We have gained a substantial percentage of business in the international markets and export a lot of cutting tools to countries like USA, UK, EUROPE, South America,SOUTH EAST ASIA etc.

Our customer believes in us because we believe in quality.

Business Specifics:

  • Area of Operation: Chongqing,China
  • Basic Company Profile: Manufacturer and Exporter
  • Website: www.xingwanggongju.com



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